Vanitashray is a registered non-profit charitable Trust, based in Pune, India bearing Trusts registration number with tax exempt certification under section 80G.

Tax exemption: No. PnT/Regn./6917/08-2010

80-G: No.PnT/80-g/v-225/08-2010

Registered Trust: F-160 42/99/Pune

Registration No. Maharastra/196/99/Pune

You Can Donate Money

Donate Money

  • Sponsor a Child from Vanitashray Shelter, Rs 3500/- per month (50 eur or 70$)
    This includes Education, Housing, food and other expenses.
  • Donate for one of our projects.
  • Organize a fundraising event or a church offering.
  • Contact us for info on Foreign Donations into our FCRA account for Swiss code.

Feed A Child

Provide a nutritious meal each day to vulnerable children who would be at risk for becoming social orphans.

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Donation Total: $45.00

Educate A Child

Without access to an education, children are severely disadvantaged. We believe that encouraging children to complete their education is a cornerstone to developing a society.

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Donation Total: $70.00


You Can Donate Useful Items

Donate Clothes

  • Girl’s clothes and shoes.
  • Stationery and kids supplies.
  • New or used computers.